Radiology Billing

MedHealth’s Radiology billing and collections staff provide expert revenue cycle management services for Radiology organizations nationwide.

Imaging Centers and Hospital-based based Radiology organizations can benefit from our wealth of experience in radiology billing and collections.

Our certified coders work hard for your organization to submit clean claims, resolve denials quickly, and strengthen your revenue cycle. Our deep understanding of billing professional and global components, financial reporting by modality, and automated audits via accession number tracking make MedHealth’s Radiology Billing solution second to none.

Radiology groups are overwhelmed with the amount of data to be captured, the measures to achieve, and ever-changing programs in which they are expected to participate.

Partner with MedHealth to streamline your participation in quality programs like MIPS.

Our technical expertise and MedHealth RCM technology has ensured data collection across quality, Improvement Activities (IAs), and other measures ensuring high success rates for our radiology groups.

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