OT (Occupational therapy) Billing,
PT (Physical therapy) Billing
SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) Billing

OT billing, PT billing and SLP billing each require a practiced hand to navigate the appropriate financial currents. The revenue cycle may appear simple in its offset, but these and other specialties can actually prove quite difficult to manage.

Whether OT billing, SLP billing or PT billing, it all starts with a patient visit. Subsequent visits are almost a certainty when it comes to physical therapy and occupational therapy. There might also be pain medication prescribed, diagnosis, suggested surgery, and more. All of these details must be accurately documented to ensure reimbursement from insurance providers and individual payers.

So, what can you do to help the billing process go smoothly? Attempt to accomplish four things:

  • Have more than one person in your “billing department.” It’s crucial to have a little bit of overlap for important details, documents, regulations, and due dates.

  • Get the whole team involved. Help them enjoy getting the job done, and make sure they get breaks.

  • Strive to be short-listed by insurance companies, so that they want to pay you right away with little hassle.

  • Have a positive cash flow every day from patients who want to pay their co-pay, coinsurance and deductibles at the time of service.

These ideas are not impossible, but they can be a challenge. Plus, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with federal, state, and payer-specific documentation and procedure. Lack of HIPAA compliance especially can result in severe fees and penalties.

MedHealth RCM technology can help! Our agents have experience in the field of OT and PT billing to stimulate payer follow-through.

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