ABA Therapy Billing

We deliver industry-leading revenue performance and compliance for ABA organizations across the country.

ABA Billing and Collections for stronger reimbursement and simplified compliance.

Benefit & Authorization Management

We navigate insurance eligibility to verify benefits and submit authorization requests to health insurance funders, professionally interfacing with insurance coordinators and providing support and consultation to your agency.

  • Careful review of intake information to secure accurate benefit information.

  • Prepare, submit and monitor requisitions for authorization with required reports and documentation.

  • Ongoing follow-up with health insurance funders through procurement of authorization.

  • Provide periodic status updates for ongoing work in progress

Claims Management

We establish effective and efficient billing and collection practices to facilitate reimbursement of claims to health plan funders.

  • Professional review of billing information and prompt submission of claims through practice management or billing systems.

  • Post payments received from insurance to systems, identifying subscriber responsibility or balances to submit to secondary insurance.

  • Register with available online portals to facilitate Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

  • Ongoing follow-up with health insurance funders for rejected, denied and underpaid claims through reimbursement.

  • Generate monthly patient statements for subscriber responsibility.

  • Provide periodic status updates for ongoing work in progress.

Our powerful MedHealth RCM technology streamlines demographics entry and charge capture while contract based business rules ensure you collect what you are owed as quickly as possible.

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