Family Practice Billing

Family practice billing is unique because a physician regularly sees patients of all different age groups with different common ailments, and several patients in the same family unit may be billed to the same provider. In this way, family practice billing services can actually simplify the billing process, despite an increased number of patients and cases.

Rcm Medical Billing

How Does Family Practice Billing Work?

Like other specialties, family medicine practice billing relies on proper and timely documentation and communication with individuals and insurers. If you choose to work with a billing agency like MedHealth, we can help with billing and follow-up. While maintaining HIPAA compliance and any other state or federal regulations, we bill insurance companies and patients so that you can focus on what’s most important– your patients.

You can rely on us for proper collections and billing maintenance, saving you time and hassle on the follow-up process, all while increasing your revenue.

We can help from the point of scheduling, through note documentation, and into billing.

However, the software still requires a time investment. Depending on the software’s level of detail and the amount of tasks it carries out, you’ll need a bigger team to handle it. More manpower and time might not be possible for your practice, and that’s where MedHealth comes in.

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