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Medical billing solutions are customized medical billing systems we provide that the complete billing workflow from appointment scheduling to claims submission to payer companies. The success of medical billing management lies in the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of capturing charge entry, timely payment posting, AR management, and smart revenue optimization. 

Billing Strategies

MedHealth Provide Medical Billing Strategies to Use and Maximize Your Collections
1) Establish a Transparent Collection Process
2) Error-Free Claims Submission
3) Denial Management
4) Identify Problem Account
5) Stay-Upto-Date

Revenue Billing Plannings

MedHealth Provide the RCM maintains and Plans which challenges all the denials.
1) Patient registration
2) Insurance verification
3) Encounter
4) Medical transcription
5) Medical coding
6) Charge entry
7) Charge transmission
8) AR calling
9) Denial management
10) Payment posting.

Billing Help

Our guide will help you, as a patient, navigate the medical billing process from the moment you contact a healthcare provider about an appointment until after you receive your bill in the mail. We discuss how healthcare providers determine costs and negotiate charges with your insurance provider. Finally, we show you how to identify and dispute erroneous charges on your bill.

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    RCM Services

    AR Management Services

    At our MedHealth , we assure that your bills are sent out promptly and work your insurance pending accounts aggressively to speed up your cash flow.

    Clean Claims

    With MedHealth Services, you can be sure that your claims are being submitted in compliance with the most up-to-date billing and coding guidelines. We employ a three-tiered strategy for claims accuracy and expedited reimbursement

    Denial Management

    MedHealth Denial Management process uncovers and resolves the problem leading to denials and shorten the accounts receivables cycle. The denial management team establishes a trend between individual payer codes and common denial reason codes.

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